Greenville, VA:  The ACPS annual meeting was held on October 2-5 at Penmerryl Farm in the Shennandoah Valley of Virginia.  Besides meetings, there were demonstrations, clinics, trail rides and dinners.

One of the highlights was the awards dinner held at the Virginia Horse Center in Lexington.  Breeding awards went to Tre Awain Dobh McDuff (Tre Awain Ginger Blue X  Tre Awain Rosin Dobh) who won the Toureen Laddie award for stallions, and Tower Hills Killaire (Whitewood Galway Bay X Stoneridge Heather), who won the Broodmare trophy.  In the performance category, the prized An Tostal Award went to ArdCeltic Art (Monaghanstown Fionn X Moydow Lady ), the super eventing stallion who sadly died last year.  The Camlin Trophy, which goes to a mare or gelding in recognition of a career of outstanding competitive performance, went to Tower Hills Darby Dun (Chiltern Copa of Tower Hill X Tower Hills Killaire).  The halfbred performance award, The Tre Awain Award, went to Gaelic Holiday whose Connemara half comes from the stallion, Hideaway’s Erin-Go-Bragh.  Gaelic Holiday evented at the highest levels of eventing, as did the purebred An Tostal winner, ArdCeltic Art.  Both of these ponies served as great ambassadors for the breed in the eventing world  just as  Holiday’s sire, Erin-Go-Bragh, had done.

crafty2014The purebred Connemara of the Year Award went to Rosewood Witchcraft (ArdCeltic Art X Balmullo’s Rhiannon) for her contributions to solving the puzzle of HWSD, a genetic hoof wall disease.  “Crafty” was the poster child of HWSD and was, additionally, the first case of HWSD seen by the geneticists at UCDavis, the institution that eventually solved the puzzle and now provides a test for carriers of the disease.  Crafty contributed to not only the science, but also to the publicity and the fundraising.  Sadly, though, because of the disease, she had to be put down before her third birthday.

crestwood2014The Crestwood Service Award went to Katherine Wilkins, who has served the society in many capacities for more than thirty years.

Six new members were elected to the Board of Governors and new officers elected.  Deb Norman will remain as President with Amy Plavin as Vice President, Marynell Eyles as Secretary, and Cathy Blackmon as Treasurer.

A complete report of the meeting will be in the American Connemara, now to be published six times/year.  

trailride meeting2014Trail ride in the Shennandoah Valley for meeting attendees


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