Browns Valley, CA:  The first foal of the year to be reported was born in California last week.  The mare, Redbud’s Titania (*ArdCeltic Art X *Glenormiston Amelia), was bred to the Holsteiner, Ciceras Icewater, and produced a chestnut colt.

And in Luthersville, Ga., Megan Harris’ Sparrow’s Tiptoes, a halfbred by Grange Finn Sparrow, had the first Connemara Sport Horse of the year, a filly by Flexible. Flexible is in Irish Sport Horse who is well known in the eventing world. Last year it was decided that the ACPS would now register Connemara Sport Horses which may be ½ or ¼ Connemara, produced by breeding a half Connemara to a half Connemara (halfbred stallions may now be registered as Connemara Sport Horses), or a half Connemara to another breed. Megan has produced and registered three Connemara Sport Horses, all related to the great jumping stallion, Grange Finn Sparrow. 

Please send photos of other Connemara or Connemara Sport Horse foals to to be included here.  

Flexible X Sparrow's Tiptoes

Titania X Ciceras Icewater


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