Fountain, Fl:  Sometimes names for new foals are hard to think of and sometimes they just fall into your lap…or head.  Julie Vandermeer’s halfbred Connemara falls into the latter category.  Here is what Julie had to say….

“Two-month old ‘Stuart’ (not his REAL name) belongs to our favorite Equine Tune-ups Vet, Dr. Bess Darrow. When she was visiting the farm last year she asked if I wanted to sell Ivydell Jesse James, and I said, no, but that I had scheduled a romantic liaison for his mother with the handsome stranger up the road, a Bavarian Warmblood named Grand Filou M. Filou, a lovely bay, is retired from his career as a Grand Prix jumper.   

“Bess thought about this a little bit, and then said that she'd be interested if it's a colt. She said she'd be REALLY interested if it was a beautiful buckskin.

“I whispered this information into Ivydell Isabell's ears several times over the next several months, and on the morning of May 25th, 2016, her bouncing baby boy was born. She had produced ‘Just What The Doctor Ordered’”

Connemara/Bavarian Warmblood, "Just What the Doctor Ordered"Connemara/Bavarian Warmblood, "Just What the Doctor Ordered"


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