Lexington, Va:  The Region III 30th anniversary show went off without a hitch.  Held the weekend of August 27 at the Virginia Horse Center, there was something for everyone.  There were in-hand classes, flat classes, jumping classes, dressage including a 6-person quadrille and a pas-de-deux, short stirrup, long stirrup, trail, Mountain and Moorland, a costume class, and the great egg and spoon challenge. 

On Saturday evening there was also a dinner at which everyone reminisced about the last 30 years.  It was all very grand!!

The Balmullo Farm Quadrille, coached by Alexandra Duckworth and consisting of riders aged 8-13, gave their usual flawless performance, earning an 81% from the dressage judge and winning their class.  In the costume class EVERYONE was a winner.  We had The Donald and his elephant, Hillary and her donkey, a large (pony-sized!) poodle being ridden by a poodle-skirted rider, two unicorns, a huntsman and her killer hunting dog, a mai-tai drink (who thinks of these things?), a flower fairy,  and other delightful sights.  The egg and spoon challenge had to be decided by a jump-off and was won by Lulu Malinoski and Valencia Dralium.  Their egg stayed on the spoon a full yard farther from the jump than the second placed rider’s.

IMG 4287 IMG 4280  IMG 4290

Thurman Silach (Rattle-n-Snap Laddie Boy X Thurman Keepsake) was pronounced the Best Connemara of the Day in the Purebred In-Hand Division.  Ridgetop Hollis was the Best Half-Bred.  A yearling filly bred by Susan McConnell was the best of the youngstock.  Full results will be in the American Connemara.

IMG 4289  IMG 4284 IMG 4283

All in all it was a fabulous weekend, with everyone hoping for 30 more.   


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