ACPS Region 6

Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin

I am happy to report Region VI has gained members this year.  There are six more members than 2017.  They are from Iowa and Wisconsin.  One is young Astrid Skarsten , who rode in the USEF Pony Finals this August showing DRF PeachesNCream, bred by Janet Johnson of Dayton Ridge Farm,WI.   In 2017, Astrid and Peach won awards too numerous to mention while competing in the Wisconsin Hunter Jumper Circuit, with 2018 looking just as fruitful.

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We have had no formal meeting or shows.  We are so far apart I think it is difficult to get together.  I hope to encourage people to get together in smaller groups in their own states. 

Several members have taken the time to write me with news of their experiences this year.  Two members are working with young stock they have recently purchased, going all the way to Louisiana and Manitoba to do so. Jaclyn confesses, she would like to make a video showing how great the temperament of the breed is even at a young age.  Everything new she introduces “Fox” to, he is totally game for. What a great animal!  Several members are getting to know their new ponies, doing schooling dressage shows and trail riding. 

IMG 20160917 123247Janet Johnson of Dayton Ridge Farm has expanded her herd of Connemaras, and although she has had a trying breeding season, is now expecting 4 purebred Connemara’s, 4 half bred  Connemara’s and 1 Warmblood.  Hoping all those who are looking for purebred ponies will be supportive of her Mid-Western efforts.

Eleanor Eagly reports that Century Hills Kieron represented the breed during a Western Dressage demonstration at the Michigan Horse Expo in March, and in April went to the Kentucky Horse Park for the ACPS to be one of the four Connemara Ponies showing off the breed to the public during the Land Rover Kentucky Three Day Event.  In May, Kieron was one of the top two equines at the “by invitation only” Lynn Palm dressage Clinic.  He continues competing in Western Dressage and is leading in the Wyn Farms 2018 Dressage Series for both the Level 2 and Level 3.   

Lisa Etzel, long time region VI chair, recently was married and she and her husband, Larry, are now owners of 2 Connemara ponies purchased this summer.

Kay Clements, and Cedars Clarrah (daughter of JEF Sir Lancelot)  are driving and won first, in their division at the Skunk River Driving Trial in dressage this summer, and were pleased to attend the wonderful ADS pleasure show, Villa Louis Carriage Classic, this Fall. Check out their website.  There were happy competitors there from all over the country. This was Kay and Clarrah’s first ADS pleasure show and they learned a lot, and were even able to place in 3 out 5 classes.  The man Clarrah was purchased from, as a nine year old broodmare, 4 years ago, was at the show and said “I don’t know how you have accomplished so much with her, I replied, “What can I say, she’s a Connemara Pony.”


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